This was a project a friend and I had taken up in which we made a logo a day for random people in our college batch. The logos are more like icons, representing what each person does. This project is still an ongoing project and we hope to do a few more. 
All of these were made in a day each and hence are still rough. 
Ayush Dube
Illustrator/ Use of inks in his work
Bansri Thakkar
Irna Sayeed
Sleek/ Stylish/ Sophisticated
Medha Mistry
Moakshaa Vohra
Illustration/ Watercolour based
Nitya Bala
Use of positive negative space/ patterns
Raheel Malkan
Step to Step Approach/ Research based Design
Rajath Bail
Toy Designer/ Playful and Conceptual
Ali Asger Dhariwala
Trusha Oza
Bollywood/ Colourful/ Indian/ Vintage
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